For the children

When children are removed from their biological families or any previous placement that was deemed unsafe or inappropriate for whatever reason, we then place them in a home where they can be well cared for, loved and given every opportunity to continue to thrive until they can be reunited with a biological family member, placed into guardianship or adopted.

Foster Care is a temporary placement in a vetted resource home.  The homes that have been selected for foster placement  will be charged with providing basic needs such as stability, safety, loving care, and access to fundamentals such as education until such a time as they are reunited, adopted, aged out or have been retained through guardianship.

Guiding Light's main objective is to place children in safe responsible homes where they can thrive.  We will offer full support in the areas of  behavioral, cultural and educational, and mental health.  To this end, we will offer an abundance of opportunities for the children to advance their lifestyles as a whole. 

Mission Statement

Guiding Light Foster Family Agency provides foster children with an alternative caring home where they are safe, cared for and provided for until such a time as they are able to return home or be adopted. Additionally, we will continually offer moral and ethical standards of support to our families while providing help and guidance to our youth as they prepare to embark on life's progressive journey


Every individual has the potential to make a lasting impact on those around them.  We aim to make ours a positive one.  While we may be unable to reduce the number of children placed in foster care, we do aim to carefully place children with the right family fit to reduce their discomfort and disruptions.


There are currently about 55,000 children in the foster care system in California 


Nearly 100 children are placed in California foster care every day.

At least 38% of California foster care children experience 5 or more placements



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