Our Story

Guiding Light Foster Family Agency was created from an idea that children within the foster care system could still have their holistic needs addressed, including but not limited to their educational and mental health needs. The founders of the organization were previously social workers in the foster care industry. While working for different agencies, it became clear that not enough focus was being applied to the educational needs of the foster children. It was disheartening to see children requiring mental health or other behavioral services unable to receive these services when needed. Many times, the process to register the children were so long that, by the time the approval was given, the child had left one placement and moved on to another forcing them to restart the process. The same was true for children that were far behind academically and starting the process to determine the next steps in their intervention.  Unfortunately, very few times they had an advocate to champion their cause. Guiding Light FFA has enlisted the assistance of community members and professionals to assist in providing the support needed to treat the whole child so they can grow and develop a strong self-esteem versus adopting the feeling of worthlessness that is so often seen with this demographic.

Each and every day we strive to lift our children to new heights while offering the support and caring they need. In addition, we aim to support the foster parents so they can continue the work of being caring providers to foster children in need.

It is our hope that Guiding Light continue to provide exemplary services to all foster children associated with the agency as well as those we can extend programs to in other agencies if they are so inclined.



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Guiding Light Foster Family Agency Foster Care License 367900058 Guiding Light Foster Family Agency is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization